Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sketch Blog One...

Okay, so the ground rules...

Raw sketches, no photoshopped fixes, those come later. I will crop them, I will enlarge them, but they are as my pencil made them. least for now.

This sketch is based, loosely, on a picture of my friend Deana, she was modeling for a while, and took a pic similar to this, it was really just a jumping off point, as the original pic wasn't nearly this revealing. She was wearing a half-shirt, this is more like a "Quarter-shirt" ...maybe next time Deana!

If I had to guess at this point 4/21/07, it's a month, old this sketch.

They may get more current as I fall into a rhythm.

By the way, I was going to do this, linked as it is to my free yahoo page, with Yahoo's Blog 360 thing, and it sucked so bad, I remembered why Blogger is number one. The text was all spread out, the pictures got resized (!) so that they wouldn't enlarge to a good viewable size, and well, frankly what's the point? So thanks blogger for being the best!

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