Sunday, April 22, 2007

Goth babe

So I was thinking about 'types", types of girls to draw, there'll always be certain types, and you know them by there ecoutrements, for instance, this one with the black hair, the fishnet clothing, piercings, eyeliner in excess, this would be the Goth type. There are other types, or types of character, as you can see below, one of those types is the Patriotic type, with many permutations available, and so it is with the Goth-Girl. I went for something I hadn't quite seen before, but certainly taking from what I had seen, and of course, trying to make her look sexy as well.

Side-By-Side Comparison

The original sketch on the left, as it was originally scanned, untouched...
On the right, the cleaned up version, looking like a very tightly penciled drawing. That'll make me look like I know what I'm doing, won't it.

Tri-Star Patriot (temporary name)

So here's another concept sketch.
Starting in the realm of "what if..."
what if, instead of a 4F soldier like Steve Rogers, it was a cute cheerleader instead? Energetic, partiotic, and cute as hell, she flips and twists into nazi bunkers, blasting them all to hell! All with a cute little red white and blue costume! How did it happen, something about a hometown parade, and a passing top-secret military motorcade, and a mysterious chemical agent, accidentally released. Not only do bullets bounce off her chest, "they" also defy-gravity, a plus for any girl in a tight t-shirt!

GloryU.S. Copyright©2007 Shawn J. Campbell

As the title makes clear, this is GloryU.S. she's the basis for a series I created that would be a comedy live action show starring Pamela Anderson, as a former star of a show about, yes you guessed it, GloryU.S. Potentially Co-starring Sam Jones as her ex-co-star, a sort of post-Star Trek, pre-T.J. Hooker William Shatner. They're caught in the web of their own success, their one cult-hit show GloryU.S. Adventures. Now they're relegated to doing signings at conventions for fanboys who rarely bathe, and horny teen boys who want to look down her blouse, or cop a feel while posing for a picture with her.
With Special guest star, Lou Ferrigno! All of the above copyright©2007 SJC (hey, that's me!) So don't even think about stealing it...I've got a looksee meeting with Touchstone, and Spielberg at Dreamworks respectively...cross your fingers.

Babe in a Spacesuit

Yep, another babe in a spacesuit, and well, it's a skin-tight spacesuit, like all good cartoon/comic spacesuits should be, at least on the women.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Going for the Pamela aesthetic here, red one-piece bathing suit, blonde hair, big...attributes, you can see I goofed around with a new head, and lips, I think I ended up closer to the original, than the redrawn head, I just liked the expression.

Teaser Posing

There's this character I created, called "The Teaser" she's a big voluptuous, statuesque babe, tall, blonde, nordic even. Here I attempt to take her out of the usual stuff I did with her in the past, and have her wearing something a little more overtly sexy, a bathing suit, rather than the t-shirt and jean shorts she's known for. Going for more ofthe Pin-up look too stylized, but still a Pin-Up.

Not every one can be a gem!

Here's a really pretty awful sketch. I did it, liked the initial idea, but the sketch required a lot of fixing in the computer. Plus I drew a new head on a completely different piece of paper, and figured I'd Gump that in later, with mixed results
There are elements of the original I liked, and wanted to keep, but the way the chest and shoulders were spaced looked really wonky, basically this pic needs to be redrawn with this as a reference for what I liked, and a warning about what I didn't like!
Let this be a warning to you, if it doesn't work in the original drawing, chances are it'll need either a lot of work to fix it, or it gets the needle, and goes away.


Ever seen something so outrageous that it had to be true...
well here's a sketch with a little more finish to it than some. I'm trying to bring it a little closer to the finished phase strictly in pencils, and then there's less to clean up once it's scanned. obviously there's still work to be done here, but it's closer.
...and, yeah, she's definitely got some "Jessica Rabbit" thing goin' on.


Just a couple Pin-Ups, on with the requisite Bettie Page haircut.

Private Dancer?

Is she your private dancer, a dancer for money?
Or is she flying?

Details, details...

Detail views of three sketches from the same page

Cartoony babe

Here's a little nymph done with a little more exageration, pushed more toward the "spumco" type of female

Interesting Enterprise...Vulcan hottie

Had the Star Trek show Enterprise shown this from the beginning, it might have had an audience, presenting one topless vulcan...and then a version in uniform.

dancing sketch


Just keep on rollin' with what I've got scanned at the moment...
The final piece (not yet completed), is an amalgam of the two pieces seen here, the large, and the small, with some adjustments, and corrections of course.


Okay here's another sketch, done a couple weeks back, this is supposed to be a girl defacing something with a big old marker, don't ask me why, it just is. It's pretty rough, but it gets the idea across. Enjoy!

Sketch Blog One...

Okay, so the ground rules...

Raw sketches, no photoshopped fixes, those come later. I will crop them, I will enlarge them, but they are as my pencil made them. least for now.

This sketch is based, loosely, on a picture of my friend Deana, she was modeling for a while, and took a pic similar to this, it was really just a jumping off point, as the original pic wasn't nearly this revealing. She was wearing a half-shirt, this is more like a "Quarter-shirt" ...maybe next time Deana!

If I had to guess at this point 4/21/07, it's a month, old this sketch.

They may get more current as I fall into a rhythm.

By the way, I was going to do this, linked as it is to my free yahoo page, with Yahoo's Blog 360 thing, and it sucked so bad, I remembered why Blogger is number one. The text was all spread out, the pictures got resized (!) so that they wouldn't enlarge to a good viewable size, and well, frankly what's the point? So thanks blogger for being the best!