Sunday, April 22, 2007

GloryU.S. Copyright©2007 Shawn J. Campbell

As the title makes clear, this is GloryU.S. she's the basis for a series I created that would be a comedy live action show starring Pamela Anderson, as a former star of a show about, yes you guessed it, GloryU.S. Potentially Co-starring Sam Jones as her ex-co-star, a sort of post-Star Trek, pre-T.J. Hooker William Shatner. They're caught in the web of their own success, their one cult-hit show GloryU.S. Adventures. Now they're relegated to doing signings at conventions for fanboys who rarely bathe, and horny teen boys who want to look down her blouse, or cop a feel while posing for a picture with her.
With Special guest star, Lou Ferrigno! All of the above copyright©2007 SJC (hey, that's me!) So don't even think about stealing it...I've got a looksee meeting with Touchstone, and Spielberg at Dreamworks respectively...cross your fingers.

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